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2018 Is an AMAZING Year

Updated: Mar 10


We have begun anew once again, and we all have the opportunity to make this year an amazing one.  I love new beginnings, and I am ready for changes, new projects, and improvements that I want to bring into my personal life and into my business this year.  The challenge will be to carry them through the year and beyond.

It is not as important that by the end of the year you have achieved your goals or not.  What matters most is that you stay focused on that your goals and dreams are.  Listen to your heart and “feel it” in your body to confirm if the goals you chose are the right ones for you versus “thinking” it through too much.  If your goals are the right ones for you your body will feel relax and light, perhaps filled with excitement.  Making the right decisions in life on what to focus on is a fine balance between the thinking mind and the feeling heart.  My rule of thumb is: “I think a little and I feel the feeling a lot more.”  This approach has proven to be a good one for me in the past 20 years.

Vishen Lakiahni, founder of Mindvalley says that we over-estimate what we can do in one year and underestimate what we can do in 3 years.  This concept gave me the patience I needed to wait for my dreams to come to fruition.  Often, I felt that I had failed if my goals were not accomplished in one year.  Now I just keep focusing on what I want versus how much time has passed, my heart can now hold more trust and faith in the journey.  I am learning to enjoy the journey more.

The next challenge is to focus, focus, focus.  Stay focused on the outcome through thick and thin, good, and bad times.  This is a challenge for most of us. We, humans, get easily distracted with the different opportunities that come to us.  Sometimes I find myself facing lots of different options and ideas and they all seem as attractive.  I have learned from the experience that even though there may be many things that I would like to do, I can only do a few of them well at any given time.  I journal all the good ideas and possibilities and choose what is feasible or most important at the time.

We often tend to focus on what we don’t want and spend too much time and energy on that versus what we really want.  I love doing the following exercise to keep me on track: “If I already have ________________ (fill in the blank) in my life what would I feel in this moment?  Once that you can get the positive feeling in your body hold it for a few minutes, practice this exercise daily.  This simple exercise not only brings peace and happiness into my heart, but it also helps me stay focused on what I really want to bring into my life versus focusing on what scares me or what I don’t want.

Along the way be willing to learn from mistakes and failures because they will show up again and again. They are our best teachers.  We have a quote at the entrance of our center that reads:  SUCCESS is getting up one more time that you fall down.  When we accept that they will come, it’s easier to move forward.

Expect miracles along the way and when they come feel the joy and gratitude in your heart for the blessings. 

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