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A new season, a NEW You!

Updated: Mar 10

Spring is a wonderful time for renewal and new beginnings.  To reinvent ourselves takes courage, to release our old self is scary to our ego and it will fight you.  Courage is necessary to make the leap from the old to the new.  Courage is not the absence of fear but a recognition that fear is present and to not allow it to hold us back. 

One of the easiest ways to ride the waves of fear that overcome us when jumping into something new is to deeply connect with the sacred space of our hearts through meditation.  In this beautiful place we connect with the Divine and we can receive guidance on how to navigate the process of renewal.

We are a spirit having a human experience and we came to this earth to manifest our GREATNESS.  When we are living our greatness, we feel amazing and it gives others permission to do the same. From the sacred space of our hearts we receive guidance to our life’s purpose.  Our spirit requires that we grow and expand, when we don’t, we begin to wither becoming vulnerable to depression, stress and anxiety. 

The journey of re-invention starts by asking your heart the question: What do I really want?  After you quiet your mind, your heart will begin to tell you.  Give yourself permission to envision your ideal life in the next 3-5 years and write down in a journal what comes to you.  The process happens almost by itself when you surrender your mind to your heart.  Ask yourself:  What successes do I see myself celebrating?  What am I doing? What am I excited about? Continue writing in your journal the answers that come to you.

It is important to keep in mind that the old patterns will get in the way of you achieving what you really want.  Ask yourself: What old patterns of thought and behavior I need to release in order to achieve the successes I am seeking?  I have found that it is easier for me to work on what I want through the creation and use of affirmations.  Affirmations are short positive statements about what you want to bring into your life.  They work best when you say them, see them in your mind and feel them in your heart as if they were already a reality.

Another important ingredient in this process of renewal and new beginnings is to feel deserving.  People like to think they feel deserving but when you look a little deeper many of us experience guilt or a general sense that someone else deserves better but not us.  Remember that the best way to help others is through the light that shines from you.  Your success gives other permission to do the same.  Not feeling deserving is fear, apply courage.  One last ingredient for this journey it to resist the need to victimize yourself for what happens in the world around you or what others do to you. 

Victimization holds you back from achieving your dreams.  In what areas of your life do you victimize yourself? Stop asking why did this or that happened and move on.  To love yourself is to set yourself FREE from what others do to you. 

Let go of what holds you back from achieving your dreams.  You deserve the BEST that life has to offer and ONLY you can give it to yourself.  Love yourself deeply and let the dreams of your heart come fully alive.


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