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A word from Our Nutritional Coach

Updated: Mar 10

Do you ever wonder why some people are successful at weight loss and others aren’t? Have you heard it’s all about will power? Do you find yourself thinking if you would have only worked harder, been more disciplined, you could have lost the weight?

The real secret to weight loss has nothing to do with will power and everything to do with self worth.

Any lifestyle change needs to come from a place of wanting to better yourself because that’s what you deserve, because you are awesome and your life should be as awesome as you can make it.

If your motivation is hating the way you look you will not stick with any nutritional or physical activity changes. This is because committing to any lifestyle change is hard! Berating yourself with negative self talk, restricting foods, or over exercising only because you can’t stand the site of yourself is not sustainable.

However, if your desire to change comes from a place of self love, wanting to take care of your body, and compassion these changes will happen naturally.

Take this season of summer to honor your body for all it does instead of hating it for not being “beach ready.”


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