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Being A Mother

Updated: Mar 10

If God were to sit women down and ask: Do you really want to be a mother? And then he showed us all the energy, work, and patience that were needed to do the job most women would likely say: “…… well God, hold on, and let me think about it for a little while and I’ll get back to you.”  Being a mother requires an incredible amount of commitment, hard work, patience, and resources to do the job well.  The loving of our children comes easily, we have plenty of love to give and it lasts beyond a life time, raising them, on the other hand, it is hard work.

This month my mother is turning 80 years old.  She had 5 children and her love and dedication for us was exemplary.  She faced many difficulties and challenges along the way but her perseverance and commitment to her family was unwavering.  She had to work full time to help provide an income for our family and she faced many hardships.  I remember, when we were young, many times she stayed up past midnight to make sure everything was taken care of for the next day.  She had a full-time job and 5 children to care of and she still found the time to make dresses for our dolls.  On weekends, we would often go on picnics, winter and summer, and she would again get up very early and prepare a delicious homemade picnic for us.  She worked tirelessly to make our life special and I am very grateful for all the energy and work she put into raising us.  I learned how to be a strong, loving and resilient mother from my mother’s example. 

My mother’s commitment continued as a grandmother and great-grandmother.  She was sometimes a bit too involved that my oldest son said, respectfully, to her: “Abuelita (granny, in Spanish)  I already have one mom, I don’t need two.”  Recently, my oldest grandchild was asked to bring someone special to his pre-school to teach them manners during tea time and he asked his Abuelita to come and she felt very honored.

This month I want to encourage you to celebrate and honor you mother.  Let her know how much you appreciate her for the love she has given you and the commitment she has put into raising you and helping you become who you are today.  

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mothers we have around us!


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