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Change is Good for Your Soul

Updated: Mar 10

We humans thrive with change and expansion; however, our mind wants to convince us differently.  We may think of how wonderful it would be if we could learn a second language or learn to play the piano, or change the job or profession we have had for too long but we become afraid and succumb to keeping the same old life even though we know we are not happy. 

It is true that changes bring temporary stressors into our lives, however, the rewards are worth it.  While I was going through my master’s program and facing the many struggles and stressors I had added into my life I asked myself many times: “Why didn’t I just stay home and bake cookies?  Oh! that’s right, I am not happy just baking cookies and staying home,” was my answer and I kept going.  I created many changes in my life that were not popular within my family and sometimes I wasn’t sure that I really wanted these changes.  My soul and my heart were begging for the changes to occur because God had a higher purpose for my life that would unfold in full force once that my children were grown and independent but I didn’t know it at the time.  I kept following the pull, many times uncertain of where it was taking me.

Our spirit is always looking for expansion, to express our life’s purpose, but most of us tend to not pay attention.  Often, when we have an inkling that we could do things differently our ego in our mind comes out strong with a thousand good excuses of why you should not change anything and it will convince you with powerful facts that you will not be successful no matter how hard you try.

You must remember that your life’s purpose is encoded in the depth your heart and only you can bring it out.  You are not alone in this journey, most people around you are feeling a strong pull to live a life that is more meaningful to them and that contributes to our planet and it helps the greater good.

You can begin the unfolding of your life’s purpose and your soul’s calling by communing with nature, by praying for guidance, reflecting, meditating, daydreaming, setting intentions, visualizing your end goal, using affirmative prayer and journaling what is coming to you. The second step is to pay close attention to what is being revealed to you and accept and surrender to the guidance.  The third step is to create self-discipline and organize the actions to be taken.  The last step is gratitude for what is being revealed to you, for the unfolding of your life’s purpose and for the joy and the inner peace that you will experience after everything has fallen in place.

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