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Dreams Do Come True

Updated: Mar 10

My daughter tells me that I live in a bubble that is not real.  And she is correct because I have made the choice to create it.  She agrees, however, that it’s a good bubble and she adds that, perhaps, she may try it one day.  I have a friend who tells me “You have to be realistic…” and I ask her “which reality, yours, or mine? because I like mine better. ‘’

Growing up I faced a variety of challenges and to make it through them I imagined the world around me as I want it to be and not as it was.  I was not aware that I was doing this to feel safer and happier.  It did help me stay in faith and keep going with life as it was.  I also had an inner belief that if I keep working at what I wanted I would get there.  This belief has allowed me to grow and expand in ways that I never thought I could and I can now say that my life is a dream, not perfect but certainly my dream.

To achieve our dreams, we need to embrace certain values and principles such as perseverance, spirituality, intuition, love, passion, humility, patience, and many others.  If we are a living organism we have a need for growth and expansion and that is what our heart and spirit encourages us to do.  However, often our mind is fearful of failure and tells us to hold back, to be cautious because whatever we want to do may not work out.  The best things in my life scared me to death, I didn’t think I could hold so much fear in me.  Somehow through faith and perseverance and honoring what my heart and my spirit was guiding me to do I made it through the fear in pursuit of my dreams.  God kept putting on my way what I needed to keep moving forward, He didn’t take the fear away from me. He believed that I could use all the tools and skills I have learned to better manage it.  Today I can say all the fears, struggles and efforts were worth it.

In the pursuit of your dreams it’s important that you live your dream and not the dreams of your parents, partner, or your children.  To carry out your dreams is a decision between you and your heart.  Some may think that this is a selfish way to live your life but is the opposite because your heart and your spirit are always focused not just on you but on the greater good. 

When things are difficult and painful we tend to get stuck and we are tempted to give up and go back to the old and familiar.   I remember reading a story in the book Think and Grow Rich of a man who gives up his dream of digging gold only three feet away from the gold.  He was tired and worn out from the struggles and the length of time it was taking to find the gold.  Let this story not be your story.

Take the time to wonder, meditate and reflect about your dreams.  Ask your heart and spirit what they want to accomplish while on this earth.  Ask how can I make a difference in another person’s life?  Helping others be in a better place is the greatest reward to our hearts. 

May ALL your dreams come true.


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