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From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Updated: Mar 9

Most of us can admire butterflies and, even at a young age, children are enthralled by them. They are so delicate and beautiful and yet they went through a tough process to become one. The journey of transformation into a butterfly may not seem appealing.  At first it seems impossible that a caterpillar can transform into such a beautiful creature and this process appears dramatic, and challenging.  The process takes time, and it can’t be rushed. If you try to rush it, or “try to help,” a butterfly during this process, it does not make it.  It has to be the way nature designed it and when the butterfly comes into its full transformation we are in awe.

As I grow older, I am learning to surrender to the mystery of life versus trying hard to understand it or manipulate it.  I notice that to be able to experience beautiful things in life often comes with a difficult process.  For example, the birth of a baby is often painful and challenging at many levels while the baby is being born and those challenges can be present through pregnancy as well.  Once the baby is born, we are in awe to the wonders of life.

Transformation can also be experienced in a beautiful lotus flower that grows in murky waters.  A few years ago, walking through an area in Maine, I stumbled upon a pond that was covered with gorgeous lotus flowers. I was in awe of the beauty in front of me.  The pond itself was dark and murky but it was hard to notice the darkness because of the beauty of the hundreds of lotus flowers in it. That memory is embedded in my brain and when I remember it, the feeling of awe comes back.  The lotus flower represents transformation of something that initially appears unattractive into beauty.

Giving life to my business was a challenging process at many different levels.  While it is true that most of it occurred in my head, there were many moments and situations that were beyond me, and I had no control over some of the challenges I faced.  I am beginning to realize that the challenges were my teachers.  Even though at times, the process was painful and harsh, there were things that I needed to learn along the way.  I have learned that the more I surrender and trust during the most difficult times allows me to remember that in the end everything will work out and that the challenges smooth themselves out.  I have learned to let intuition guide me, to lean on God, and to trust the process of transformation.

Life itself is also a transformational process because during our journey on this earth we can experience a great deal of pain and suffering.   However, if we can remember to surrender and step back allowing life to unfold itself, we can make the challenging moments we face easier to handle.  I can see it more clearly now.  We must remember that life is a mystery and as we surrender to it, we can see and feel God’s glory and perfection.

I would like to gently invite you to embrace spiritual practices that allow you to connect with your higher power so you can feel its grace coming upon you during the difficult moments you face and envelop you safely and carry you through the storm you are experiencing.  Some of these practices can be meditation, prayer, journaling, reflection, etc.

Above all remember that you are a spiritual being having a human experience on this earthly journey and you will have many transformational experiences during your lifetime.  Embrace them all because they are your guide.  Be in the mystery of life and allow life and God to show you the way.

Happy Spring! This is a time for rebirth and transformation.


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