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Life is an Illusion

Updated: Mar 9

If anyone had said to me that life was an illusion 25 years ago, I would have looked at them puzzled.  I probably would have asked: What do you mean life is an illusion?  I have all these facts to back up that life is as real as you see it.  Back then I didn’t know what I know today and after reading hundreds of books and articles, attending many conferences, retreats, classes, workshops, having many conversations on the subject I can say with absolute certainty that my life is an illusion, and I contributed to it.  The funny thing is that this truth has been available to us for thousands of years.  I am not discovering anything new and no one was hiding this truth from me.

It all begun many years ago during one counseling session with a young college student who said it to me:  “Life is not real, everything is an illusion.”  Even though my journey into a deeper understanding of life had already begun for me, a few years before I met him, his comment shook me because of his young age.  He went on to explain further his viewpoint and why he believed it to be true.  I listen attentively.  In my work, I get to witness the miracles that some people are able to create in their lives because of this.   They recognize that the life they are living is the product of how they chose to see life and when they make changes to that perception, life changes for them.  We are the co-creators of our lives. God and the universe will work with us in the process, if we allow it.

You also get to experience this every day.  People who are around you and focus negatively on what others are doing and saying, they talk negatively about what their boss, friends and/or spouse did impact you directly and affect your energy levels.  The same people also worry about their future, finances, and relationships.  They seem to be unhappy, unproductive and less successful.  On the other hand, the people around you who choose to see every challenge as an opportunity, focus on the positive aspects of their lives, they are courageous about no succumbing to hardships are the ones that, through that illusion, are able to create a beautiful life.

Just like you, I face my share of challenges and difficulties on a regular basis, and I am getting better and better on how to use it as steppingstones for my personal and professional growth. I have stopped wishing that life or other people were better and I only push myself to get better at handling what life gives me.  The results that I am getting are excellent.  Many years ago I stopped wishing that my husband would listen to me, and I began to wish that I could communicate better and worked diligently in becoming a better communicator and I achieved it; after 42 years of marriage, he has become a better listener because I became better at communicating.

Currently, I am focusing on the work of Mike Murphy and his book The Creation Frequency to fine tune my many aspects of my life.  I have created in my mind an “illusion” of what I want my life to be.  I recognize that I am the only person that can choose and decide what a beautiful life is for me.  The process begins with connecting and listening to my heart. I wrote a paragraph for the different areas of my life and describe in it what I need or want at this moment according to my hearts’ desires.  I mix it with feeling of deserving, and I top the process with lots of gratitude and appreciation as if this has already happened for me.  I read it daily.

I share with others that I have the dream job because of this process.  I have allowed my heart to guide me on this journey, and I believed (an illusion) that I could achieve it.  This process appears simple, and it is, however you must stay focused.  I must redirect my mind every day, many times per day, to stay focused on what I want versus letting my fears take over.

Life is BEAUTIFUL! Create your own illusion and bring the joy, inner peace, and love you want and deserve.


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