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Manifesting Your Deepest Desires

Updated: Mar 10

As this year is coming to an end and another one is about to begin, there is an opportunity to reflect on what happened this year and begin to envision what could be possible next year. Our spirit is always looking for expansion and growth to stay vibrant and engaged with life.  I don’t see it so much as being over driven or goal oriented but as a way to be creative and contribute to the well being of our community. 

As I began my healing journey over twenty years ago, I learned that I could manifest my desires and that my outer world reflects my inner world.  This possibility was mind blowing for me, scary and daunting.  Learning that my thoughts, my words, my feelings are contributing into my everyday life was a new concept for me.  I learned how to create intentional thoughts that would focus on what my heart most desired.  It has been a process and it has taken time to implement.  I do not want to give the impression that this is easy, sometimes it has been difficult and challenging but what matters most is the journey. 

When we are dissatisfied with life, struggling, and suffering, it is the best time to step back and reflect.  Here is where opportunities can open for us.  I have learned to accept that every struggle and every moment of suffering can be a wonderful opportunity for a new beginning.  Learning to embrace the experiences as we are having them invites us to reflect and go within.  If we practice acceptance of what is, without trying to make the negative feeling go away or continuously wishing that things were different, the struggle we are facing seems to lose its power one breath at a time.  First, we acknowledge and honor our experience, feelings and emotions and allow them to be present, giving lots of internal space for them to just be and remembering that they will not stay there forever.  People, in general, struggle how to do this because we spend most of our energy and time trying to make the struggle go away and we keep doing it even when it doesn’t work.  This other approach is different, scary but it works.  Once that the intensity of the struggle has subsided, after giving the time, attention, and internal space that it needs, we can begin to connect with our heart and receive its guidance.  During this second step you need to be attentive to not let the mind take over, and it will if you are not paying attention to where the guidance is coming from.  Your heart holds your deepest desires, even the ones that you are not even aware of.  The mind comes from a place of fear at the same time that it can help you with the logistics on how to manifest.  Expanded awareness will help you skillfully listen to your heart on how to guide your mind.

As I worked to overcome my own suffering, I discovered my life’s purpose.  I didn’t know it at the beginning because I was lost in my own struggle and I didn’t know how to get out of it.  By no means my life is perfect today.  I continue to have my share of challenges, but I experience joy every day in my work because I can touch people’s lives. At the beginning of my journey I did not know I had come to this earth to help others create inner peace within themselves.  This is becoming more and more clear the older I get.  I also have come to the realization that if I spend time listening to my heart through meditation and mindfulness, the path to manifesting my deepest desires will continue to unfold effortlessly.

I like to believe that encoded in our hearts are God’s plans for us and that we were chosen to be an expression of the Divine in a way that serves us as well.  I want to invite you to go within, connect with the voice of your heart and make next year the best one ever.  Let your light shine and be a guide to others.  Merry Christmas!


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