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New Beginnings: Becoming Your BEST Self

Updated: Mar 9

As this new year begins, you are invited to leave behind your old struggles and have a fresh start.  Each struggle from the past brings with it new opportunities and new insights.  At first, you may not see them, but they are always there.  Walk through the struggles and invite miracles, love, wellness, abundance, and purpose into your life.

I love new beginnings, it can be a new breath, a new day, a new month, or even a new year.  They all bring hope, encouragement, and possibilities.  New beginnings can be scary because you are leaving behind the comfort of what is known and that can be unsettling.  This year I want to focus on becoming my best self.  I’ll do this in baby steps, so I don’t overwhelm myself.

A good place to start crafting the best version of yourself is by asking questions and listening to your heart.  As you hear the guidance of your heart begin journaling what is coming to you.  Don’t focus on how you are going to get there, that will be shown to you.  Focus your attention on what your heart desires, your talents, and your gifts.  Some helpful questions could be:  What went well for me this past year?  What did I do well?  What is inside my heart that needs to come out?  What are my gifts?  Do I have the courage to bring them forth? What is my purpose, why am I here? You can also create your own questions to dig deep within your heart and soul, the only true guidance in our lives.

Next, you can begin to create statements that represent what you want to bring into your life and who you want to become as if they have already happened.  After you have written what you want in your life (in the present tense), read your statements regularly.  You can add what Joe Dispenza calls an “elevated emotion” of love and gratitude as if what you really want is already yours.  Do this consistently throughout the week and you will notice that little by little you are bringing into your life what you want and who you want to become is beginning to emerge.

Most people are able to do the first part well, crafting what they want, but they struggle to stick to what they said they were going to do.  I notice that the people who consistently apply what I am sharing here are able to move their life in the direction they want.  It works! Unfortunately, many people give up a few feet away from their destination because they couldn’t see it.

As you begin to work toward your goals create a daily habit of practicing deliberate gratitude. Wake up in the morning with a grateful heart as if what you want is already coming your way.  At night, go to sleep with a grateful heart as if your goals have already come true for you, feel the joy in your heart.

I want to invite you to take the time to ask your heart to guide you into becoming your best self.  You are the co-creator of your life, and you deserve the BEST that life has to offer.  Happy New Year!


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