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Re-Harmony: The Message and Contributions of Bach Flower Therapy

Updated: Mar 10

Not long ago a young child asked:

What are Bach Flowers?

They are soul helpers -they bring messengers from another world.

From which world?

They bring helpful messages and information from the world of plants.

How do they help?

You have another world within you too, and if the entrance to your other world has fallen shut, they’ll help you reopen it.

What kind of world is it?

It’s the beautiful world that we all travel to sometimes at night. A land you wish you could stay in, where you find peace and quiet but also find new things.

I’ve been there already!

Of course you have. We all live in that world as well as in the normal every day one. This other world provides you with important personal information when you have problems in your everyday world or when you don’t know what to do.

What is “my important personal information?

It’ the answer to questions like this: What do I really want? What’s the best thing to do now so I don’t make a mistake?

That I know anyway

True, but do you always? How do you feel at times when you don’t?

I feel bad. I don’t want to do anything! Sometimes I get so angry that I want to break everything.

And then what do you do to make things better?

I ask somebody…or just ask my inner voice

Your inner voice is where you get your important personal information.


Definitely! How do you feel after you find an answer?

I feel great again, I feel light and have a lot of energy

Do you always hear your inner voice?

No … sometimes it’s very far away.

Right. That’s when Bach Flowers will help you. It’s like making a telephone call to communicate with your inner voice if you can hear it anymore.

Why is it so far away sometime?

Because you get cut off from your other world

The world where my important personal information is located?

…and that the Bach Flowers can help you to contact again.

The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy – Mechthild Scheffer


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