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Updated: Mar 9

Sometimes it surprises me to notice how– “out of nowhere”– despair sets into me, into my whole being.  I begin to notice lack, judgment, fear, loneliness, and sadness.  I find myself feeling so alone, feeling scared. I feel fear stealing away my God-given gifts of joy and inner peace. Fear keeps pouring in until I am feeling empty, isolated, and tormented by my thoughts.

Then I remember to sit in stillness and breathe.  And again–“out of nowhere”–light, love, wisdom, and peace begin to come in –very slowly at first–until they flood my being.  My heart begins to open, and joy begins to smile at me again. My body relaxes, and my mind becomes still.

I can now see the butterflies in my garden, the beauty of the blue sky, and the smiles in people around me.  I hear the ocean waves gently lapping at my feet and the seagulls in the distance.  I am reminded of the beauty of life.

I can feel the sun warming my skin and the gentle breeze on my face.  I taste the saltiness of the ocean on my lips.  I taste the sweetness of fresh air.  I begin to feel peace in my heart.

I notice my heart has stopped racing, for I am in the present moment, filled once again with joy, love, inner peace, and gratitude.  My heart is full, my mind is calm.  I need nothing, and I am at peace.

I remind myself that nothing lasts.  I will experience despair again, but next time I can remind myself a little sooner:  This shall pass; Be still and breathe. All is well.  Peace and joy are inside me; They have never left me.

Sometimes I just need to sit still and breathe.


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