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The Answer is YOU!

Updated: Mar 10

Life appears to be filled with challenges and struggles even when we have a pretty good life. Often, our response is to ask why this is happening to us, and that takes us down a path of victimization without being aware of what is happening. However, if we ask ourselves how we can be empowered by the challenging experience, we can create an opportunity for growth and expansion.

As humans, we face simple challenges such as someone driving very slowly when we are in a rush, to more complex challenges such as facing a terminal illness, losing financial stability, or losing a loved one. When these challenges present in our lives, we become scared and worried about the future. We tend to look for outside solutions. However, the magic for overcoming all of our challenges is looking inward and connecting with our higher source and inner wisdom. The solution to our suffering comes from within us. When it is done this way, we access the right help. This does not mean that after receiving guidance we cannot access an expert to help us solve our challenges. 

We foster helplessness and hopelessness when we believe the answer comes from outside of us and we do not get it. I had a client many years ago who told me about a song that said, “Sometimes God’s best gifts were unanswered prayers.” I loved that she shared that with me because it confirmed my beliefs that we are the answer to everything that happens to us. The challenges and difficulties that we are facing is for the growth and expansion on our soul and to encourage a deeper connection with our inner spirit and inner wisdom. 

Where do we begin this journey of deeper connection? One of the attitudinal foundations of mindfulness is acceptance of what is. Buddhism teaches us that our attachments to resisting what we don’t want and wishing things were different cause suffering. So, we begin with acceptance of what is, even if we don’t like it. We see it as the truth of the moment but we know in our heart that things could be different.  Next, we channel our energy toward what we want in the form of a gratitude prayer where we give thanks as that which we want is already ours.  We can also use daily affirmations that focus on what we want versus what we don’t want. Creating a daily space for meditation, prayer, gratitude, acceptance, and affirmations can help us create a wonderful outcome in our lives without having to wait for the world to change so we can be in a better place.  No matter what your struggles are, the is answer is YOU!

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