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The Art of Effortless Action

Updated: Mar 10

We humans struggle to get things done.  We get distracted easily, we follow our sea of thoughts that inhabit our head as they take us here, there, everywhere, and before we notice the time frame, we had set to get something done is gone.  We don’t seem to have enough time to accomplish what we want or need to get done and we also tend to make things harder than they really are.  Learning about effortless action can be liberating. 

Effortless action does not mean that we don’t have to do the work, it means that what we are doing flows easily, we stay focused, and what we need to accomplish our goals keeps coming to us.

Many years ago when I decided to pursue my masters degree, the journey was beyond the challenges I had anticipated and in the back of my mind I said “If this interferes with my family life, I’ll drop it” but I never had to because of effortless action kept happening for me.  I learned how to release resistance and embrace the flow.

How does effortless action come about?  The first step is to be clear on what you want, and you have to let your intuition guide the process.  These are two key elements.  When pursuing my master’s degree, I knew in my heart that I wanted to be a therapist and I was led to pursue social work.  Social work was not in my radar, but I did it because it was the only feasible avenue for me at that time.  I let go of resistance and I realized very soon after I started that the path that was in front of me was exactly what I needed to follow.  The second step is faith, you have to trust the process and that what you need will come to you. You need to take the first step knowing that what you need next is already aligned for you. 

Effortless action gives you a deep sense of satisfaction because it is aligned with your life’s purpose.  Unknowingly to me my life’s purpose started to unfold while I was in high school and it begun with my struggles to learn English as a second language.  I first started to learn English in my home country in 7th grade.  It was painful, by the time I was in 12th grade getting ready to graduate I was convinced that I couldn’t do it, I did not see the purpose of me learning English and I struggled to pass the class.  On the other hand, French was so easy for me, I loved it and learning it was effortless. At age 19 I came to the US and I was in desperate need to learn the language.  It was clear to me that not only I needed to learn the language, but I wanted it, I felt the purpose behind it.  It was hard work for a whole year, but it was effortless.  I knew in my heart that what I needed would come to me, and it did.  What I didn’t know was what else was in store for me and that was a beautiful surprise.  Learning the language allowed me to go back to college and finish what I had started.  Guidance kept coming to me to pursue a holistic approach to my counseling profession that includes mind, body and spirit.  This was over 20 years ago when it was not popular, but I knew deep down inside in my heart that it was my path.  I also became a business owner and that was not something I decided on my own but unfolded as I followed my inner guidance with faith. 

Writing this article has also become an effortless action for me, I still have to sit down in front of my computer, select a topic, and do it but I allow the process to guide me instead of trying to control it, I offer no resistance.

In effortless action we are the channel for inspiration to come through us.  Inspiration comes from God, or Divinity; our job is to listen and then the work becomes effortless.  I want to encourage you today to be open so inspiration can whisper in your heart and you will hear it.

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