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The Mystery of Life

Updated: Mar 9

Life can be a mystery that we don’t quite understand and sometimes it may feel as if life is happening to us rather than us taking charge of it.  We experience certain events and suffering that do not make sense to us.  Learning to “go with the flow”, welcoming the mystery of life, and allowing it to unravel itself can be an option.  Flowing with the dance of life instead of fighting it will more than likely create opportunities and invite us to experience less suffering.

I have embraced the concept that I am the co-creator of my life.  It is me and a higher power that oversee running my life.  Our partner in the co-creation of our life can be perceived as God, the universe, life, infinite intelligence, or the higher you.  That higher self, or higher power, is constantly providing you with guidance and support.  We must listen to that intuitive guidance.  The older I get the more I can see this higher intervention in guiding my life.  Accepting this idea has brought more peace into my heart.  There is a time for me to lead and act, then there is a time to let go and accept what has been given to me.  Knowing when to let go and when to take charge can sometimes be a challenge.  We can compare this challenge with learning to dance the Tango.  Tango is an intricate dance that requires us to be very aware of our partner and our own movements, so we do not get tangled up on the dance floor.

Michael Beckwith, the author of Life Visioning, encourages us to ask empowering questions to help unravel the mystery of life. He shares: “Behind every problem is a question trying to ask itself.  Behind every question is an answer trying to be revealed.  Behind every answer is an action trying to take place.  And behind every action is a way of life trying to be born.”

His book presents us with some challenging questions such as: “What needs to emerge within me to be at peace with what is happening in my life right now?  Who do I need to become in order to __________?”  You fill in the blank with your own challenge.  Asking empowering questions takes you back to what you can do and place the challenge within your circle of influence.  It can help you unravel the mystery of what you are experiencing.   Don’t get stuck in front of a door that has closed, or in the pain that you are experiencing at that moment. Look for the many doors that are opening because of or despite of what you are facing.

As the year is coming to an end, I want to invite you to embrace the mystery of your life and learn to dance with it versus fighting it or resisting it.   Ask empowering questions that can help you better understand what life is asking of you.  This approach could allow you to experience higher levels of joy, wellness, and success.  This could be a beautiful Christmas gift you could give to yourself.

Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad.  May you be blessed with much love and happiness, wellbeing, and abundance.  You truly deserve all of it!


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