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The Power of Surrender

Updated: Mar 9

The human journey on this earth is filled with trials and tribulations, joys and miracles, pain and sorrow. Looking back, most of my suffering has come from wanting the circumstances of my life to be different than they are and trying to control the outcomes of life’s events and people’s behavior. I realize now that perhaps the greatest lesson to experience joy, miracles, and inner peace in my life has come from learning to surrender.

I grew up believing that I had to be in control of everything in order to create the life I wanted. To my surprise, the opposite was true.  I found that the more I let go, the more I can experience happiness, abundance, inner peace, and success.  By learning to stop wishing that things were different than they are, and learning to accept what life is giving me, I have been the recipient of endless blessings including the ultimate gift: inner peace.  I realize now that the harder I try to make things happen, the more they slip away from me.  In practicing surrender, I am able to let go of the heavy burden of forcing the positive changes I desire.

In his book The Untethered Soul, author Michael Singer explains that the prerequisite to experiencing inner freedom is to decide that you don’t want to suffer anymore; One must decide that they want to enjoy life, and that there is no reason for stress, inner pain, or fear. As the author describes, we are often trying to stop suffering. We control our environment to avoid suffering, or worrying about suffering in the future. Just as a fish doesn’t see the water in which they swim, we too are blind to our preoccupation with suffering. The only time we see it, Singer explains, is when things get worse than usual.  There is hope, though. It is through the practice of surrender that we find freedom from suffering.

Surrendering doesn’t mean that we become passive to abuse, disrespect, or failures.  Rather, surrender means that we recognize what is happening, we accept it, and we notice how it is impacting us on all levels: our thoughts, our emotions, and our body. It is from that place of acceptance and recognition that we can make better decisions on how to move forward without creating more damage along the way.

Surrender is a journey of the heart—perhaps even a lifelong journey– and can only come to us from learning to listen to the subtle messages within each of us. The more we practice, the more inner peace we can experience. Our life’s purpose and our greatness in encoded in our heart, and all will be revealed to us as we learn to quiet our mind and let the voice of our heart get louder.  There is nothing to do but ask your heart to guide your journey; Simply be still and allow your heart to lead the way.

Though we tend to resist the events and people in our daily lives, unknowingly adding more stress, we each have the capacity to learn to accept life as it presents to us. It’s is a process, and like all processes, it takes time to become proficient. We all deserve to have a beautiful life filled with love, inner peace, and joy. We have the power to choose that experience—to access our purpose and tap into our greatness—all through the simple act of surrender .


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