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Why Meditation is the New Medicine

Updated: Mar 10

I am borrowing the title of this article from Dr. Mark Hyman who is working tirelessly to help people become healthier using nutrition, exercise, and meditation to reverse diabetes and heal many other illnesses.  He considers meditation a foundational pillar to good health.

I was born with a congenital malformation that created constant bouts illness for about 45 years of my life.  I have early memories of my mother attempting to heal my symptoms with natural medicines.  By the time I was a young adult, soon after the birth of my second child, I became very ill from this condition and needed surgery.  According to the surgeon, he corrected the malformation, and everything was fine inside my body. 

A month later, I was again suffering from the same old symptoms.  When I asked him why I was still suffering if the issue had been corrected, he didn’t have an answer except to say that the body builds a memory of our symptoms and even when the problem is fixed the symptoms persist. I left his office feeling discouraged and helpless.  I had a second surgeon looked at what the first one had done inside my body and he commended the first doctor, saying he had done an excellent job at correcting the malformation.  However, he also was not able to fix my symptoms.  In my 40s I had begun to learn meditation and one beautiful spring morning while I was gardening it downed on me: “I can heal this with meditation.”  I started to practice meditation every time the symptoms would show up.  And every time I meditated the symptoms would subside.  Eventually, the symptoms disappeared, and I have not had them for over 15 years.

Meditation has become the strongest pillar to my health. I was born into a very anxious family, but I didn’t’ realize this until years later.  When my family would come and visit one of my children would ask: “Why is your family so frantic?” My response was: “I don’t know.”  Little by little I realized that everyone in my family was very anxious and that made us reactive.  Meditation has given me a gentle way to heal that anxiousness and it is quickly becoming one of my main modalities in my therapy work with my clients as part of their healing journey. Most everyone who comes to see me, or I talk to outside my work, is looking for one thing: inner peace.  We all want that elusive inner peace feeling inside us. 

That inner peace exists inside all of us, we were born with it, we only need to clear the layers that are covering it and meditation peels one layer at the time connecting us with that beautiful inner peace that reside inside our hearts. 

Meditation can boost your focus and productivity, help you feel more energized, positive and confident.  It can also help reduce pain, cravings, and emotional and physical suffering.  Meditation can also help understand who you really are and what is your greatest purpose here on this earth.  Meditation can enhance and promote healthier relationships and provide insights on how to solve the daily challenges you face. 

At first, meditation can be challenging for some people because it brings up things that have been pushed down by not knowing how to deal with them but eventually it all subsides and only the pleasant feelings are left.  It does require commitment and self-love, but everyone can do it.  I have had clients from 4 years-old to 85 years-old practicing it and enjoying the benefits of it.


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