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Your BEST Self in 2018

Updated: Mar 10

As the year is ending, I want to invite you to set the intention to become our best self in 2018.  As humans, if we are not growing and expanding we are withering and our spirit can feel it.  The end of the year is the perfect time to acknowledge what went well this year and to explore the areas where you would like to expand and grow next year.

In my work, when I do couples counseling I ask each person, are you your best self at this moment?  The answer is always no.  If we are your best self, we are not likely to have mayor struggles in our relationships.  We struggle to understand this basic principle of the need for continued renewal and the huge impact it has in the quality of our lives.  Being your best self can keep you healthy, happy, and successful.

Ask yourself what areas of your life could benefit from improvement, and the answers will begin to flow.  Take the time to write down everything that is coming your way and then focus your attention in only the top three that are most important to you at this time. Once that you have clearly defined the areas where you need to do some work, set specific goals and action steps to how you are going to get there.  In this process, you need to trust that the information and what you need to do will come your way, often times unexpectedly.  Reading books and searching the internet can also give ideas on what do as you begin your journey of growth.

As you begin to work toward your goals, create a daily habit of practicing deliberate gratitude, wake up in the morning with a grateful heart as if what you want is already coming your way.  At night, go to sleep with a grateful heart as if your goals have already come true for you, feel the joy in your heart.

I have been doing this for the past 20 years, and I continue to build the life I want, one day at the time.  I begin the year with the big picture for my personal life and for my business.  The only way progress, growth, and expansion is guaranteed, if we continue to give life and energy to the desires of our hearts.  We are fully equipped to manifest whatever we want if we give it our full attention, intention and follow up with action.  When we don’t manifest our greatest potential, we suffer.

I want to encourage you to begin today to draft what your best self would look like in 2018.  Take the time to meditate, ponder, reflect, dream of who you want to be.  You deserve the BEST that life has to offer you!

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