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Your Magical Life

Updated: Mar 10

Many years ago, when my husband and I bought a beautiful home that we fell in love with, the man who was selling it left behind many things that no longer served him.  As I was cleaning through it, I came across several very old books and a little thin red book caught my attention, it was called The Magic Story.  I liked the tittle book, and I intuitively knew that this old book had a secret for me to discover.  And it did!

Over twenty years ago out of misery and suffering, I begun a journey of healing and self-discovery that has contributed to create a magical life for myself.  I don’t want you to think for a moment that my present life is perfect because I have had, and continue to have, a fair share of challenges, pain, and sorrows to overcome.  But overall, I can say that I am learning how to bring magic into my life. 

Magic begins when we realize that what we need is inside of us.  Life has conditioned us to believe the opposite, that what we need is outside of us. Magic unfolded for me by itself, it was not intentional.  It all began when I started listening to my heart.  We all come to this earthly journey programmed for greatness, and the instructions on how to do it are inside us. All we have to do is download them by listening to our hearts.  When we ask the question: “What do I really want?” the answer will come.  We follow up with trusting and believing that if we are tuned in to hearing the message of our heart, the answers and guidance will be revealed to us.  The revelations and the guidance come to us when we quiet our minds through meditation, reflection, communing with nature, and journalism. 

When I began my healing journey, and I started to listen to my heart, all along I was being guided to create a business that would become a center for healing and guidance to others.  So much has unfolded for me in this past 20 years that my mind was not planning to do but my heart knew it all along.  I now have become more skilled in creating magic, I can be intentional about it.  Patience, faith, and love are important ingredients. 

Often, it takes suffering for us humans to listen to our life’s true purpose.  Before I started the journey, I didn’t know that my suffering and pain could create magic in my life.  I allowed myself to be guided and the path unfolded in front of me.  The information I needed came to me, the people who were going to guide me showed up in my life, the resources I was going to need came in a steady flow.  Along the way, I asked God and myself, how come I didn’t see this before?  Nobody was hiding the information from me or denying me access to it.  It was me all along that was holding the flow.

Magic doesn’t have to come out of suffering, you can also create it purposefully by asking your heart:  What do I really want? And listen to your heart, not your head, for the answers.  Ask for guidance along the way.  Gather courage because often it will take you out of your comfort zone.   Have faith, not hope, that you will be supported along the way.  Write it down, to make your dreams come true they must be in paper and pen.  When you begin to write your potential magical life you solidify the process, you really mean it.

May you be blessed in 2019 with guidance to create Your Most Magical Life!

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