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Life Is Beautiful

Updated: Mar 10

Once upon a time a college student said to me: “life is an illusion, it’s not what you think it is.”  I wasn’t sure if this was a positive or a negative statement.  It was neither; he was just stating a fact.  He went on to explain that life really is what you perceive it to be. You can choose to see that life is beautiful, with the right perspective.

We live simultaneously in two worlds, the outer world of circumstances and situations and the inner world of our thoughts, feelings, and consciousness.  We humans are conditioned to let the outer world impact and direct our inner world.  In other words, we let circumstances and situations impact our thoughts and feelings.  However, when we realize that the outer world does not have a monopoly on the way we feel inside it changes and the way we perceive life.  We tend to emotionalize our thoughts and that is likely to attract the life we are experiencing.  For example, many of us experience difficulties with having enough money to cover our expenses and our desires.  We want more but we have thoughts of poverty or not having enough money.  On the other hand, people who make money easily, believe they can do it.  In order to have what we want we have to think thoughts of abundance in good and bad times and that is our biggest challenge because in bad times we become more negative and fearful.

Life, at times, can feel like a jungle where we feel we have to watch for what is coming next.  However, if we learn to see and accept that in life everything comes with its opposite we can deal with challenges in a more positive light.  We have to remember that light comes with darkness, high comes with low, having comes with not having; and a storm comes with peace and quiet.  Weathering the difficult times is a lot easier when we remind ourselves that nothing is permanent.

Also, things in life come with a price tag.  For example, learning a second language requires effort, dedication and commitment; creating your own business requires insane effort, hard work, and perseverance but the rewards can be great; raising a child is a very committed job but the joy that you receive in return can be precious; training for a triathlon is tough work but worth it at the end.  I remember when I was training to do the Seagull Century, 100 mile bicycle ride; I didn’t believe I could do it.  Someone kept telling me “Yes, you can do it? Keep going.” The first time I did it I believed I could only do half of the journey but when I completed the first half my mind set changed and I believed I could do the whole thing and the second time around I had no doubt in my mind that I could do the 100 miles and it felt great!

Life can be beautiful when instead of wishing that life was easier we choose to get better at handling what life gives us.  Life is beautiful because it pushes us to get beyond what we thought we could do or give. It’s all about perspective.  If you hire a trainer to help you become fit you expect him/her to make you work for it and to make you accountable because you are paying him/her to do that.  Why would you expect life to be different?  Life is training you to be the best version of yourself. Life is training you to manifest your greatness, don’t get side tracked thinking like a victim.  When things get tough persevere, above all persevere in fulfilling your dreams, wishes and goals.  At the end it’s all worth it.

To perceive life as beautiful is a choice that we all have.  After the gift of life the second greatest gift given to us is the power of choice.  We get to choose the kind of life we’ll have by choosing the thoughts we think.  The outer world of circumstances and situations does not determine your inner world of thoughts and feelings; you do, through the power of choice.  I am not saying is easy, I am saying it’s possible.

As this year is coming to an end, I want to invite you to get ready to make this one precious life you have a GREAT one, you deserve it.  Begin by writing down your goals and dreams, give life to them through your thoughts and feelings, allow them to come alive in your inner world so they can manifest themselves in your outer world.  During the upcoming Holiday Season invite miracles to come into your life.


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