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Expressing Gratitude for Our Wishes Fulfilled

Updated: Mar 9

Feeling grateful when our wishes have been fulfilled is a great feeling. I do not get to experience that every day, but when it comes, it feels good.  I express gratitude daily for the beauty of life, those around me who I love and love me back, for the food available to me, doing the work I love, and for my health.   However, there is a special sweetness to the feeling of gratitude when life gives me what I want beyond what I need.

When I first heard this term of “wishes fulfilled” through the work of Wayne Dyer, it piqued my interest.  It felt inspiring and uplifting.  It invited me to give myself permission to fulfill my wishes.  Lately I have been immersing myself in the work of the late Neville Goddard, whom many regard as a great mystic.  Goddard shares:

“When you have a desire, the deeper you– who men call God– is speaking.  He urges you, through the language of desire to accept that which is not that which is to be!  Desire is simply His communion with you, telling you that your desire is yours, now!  Your acceptance of this fact is proved by your complete adjustment to it as though it were true.”  

When I read these lines, I was captivated, and I wanted to learn more, so I decided to investigate it more deeply and to put it to practice.  I had nothing to lose, and it was fun!  I started to put into practice wishing for things that I did not need but wanted, and did not know how to get.  Goddard also clarifies: You must know and define your objective, then condense it into a sensation which implies fulfillment.”

One of the secrets of wishes fulfilled is intention without effort.  It takes practice to get to that point where you can have focused awareness on that which you want and be in a state of relaxation at the same time with no attachment to the outcome.  The more you practice, the more guidance you will receive from within.

Our ability to imagine and feel are the mechanisms through which we can bring our wishes into reality.  Our imagination is unlimited, and we can create the feeling “as if it were true.”  We do this all the time in our mind.  We are very good at creating stories and believing them.  The only difference is that this is a conscious process of choosing what to create and what to feel and not let the mind create stories out of fear.

People wonder how often they have to do this. It all depends on you and your faith.  This is not different than our ability to learn a skill, or a foreign language, or memorize a song.  Some of us do it quickly, and some of us take longer.  You are unique, and the speed with which you can manifest your desires will depend on you.  I can tell you that the more faith you have that you can, the faster it will manifest. Luckily, faith is something we can cultivate.  You may wonder, but how do I have faith in that which I can’t see in front of me?  Feeling is the answer. Feel as if you already have that thing.  You may think, But I don’t feel it.  The answer is pretend that you do feel the feeling.  Once you allow those feelings of already having all you desire, the floodgates of gratitude open wide—gratitude for your wishes fulfilled. And gratitude makes you all the more a magnet for that which you desire to manifest.

Use your imagination. Your imagination is unlimited, unless you believe it is limited.  Play and have fun manifesting your desires without attachment to outcomes.  May you be blessed with an amazing Thanksgiving.


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