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Spring is a Time for Renewal

Updated: Mar 10

Many years ago, when I had successfully transitioned from my writing pad to my brand new computer I asked my youngest son to look at it because it was not working well.  He took the time to check it out and said: “Your trash can is full and that’s why your computer is not working well!”  I said: “Trash can?”, I didn’t know computers had a “trash can.”  In my mind, I was thinking about a trash can like the one I had in the kitchen.  He “emptied the trash can” and the computer went on to function normal once again.

I use this analogy to let people know that we also have an emotional trash inside our heart that accumulates debris through time. In it you can find sadness for things that didn’t happen, regrets for things that you did or didn’t do, hurts and resentments for the pain that other people caused you, fears that have kept you stuck doing the same thing over and over again. With this accumulated stuff in our trash can we also don’t function as well, just like my computer mentioned above.

Spring cleaning is often associated with house cleaning, but I want to invite you to focus during this spring season on you and ask yourself: what do I need to let go that no longer serves me?  What fears need to be recycled into courage, so I can do what my heart is calling me to do?  Who needs my forgiveness so my heart can be clean and clear to enjoy more love and passion in my life?

When spring comes we are ready for the new.  Hopefully you have had time this winter to reflect and ponder on your life and the direction that is going and to make sure that it is aligned with the desires of your heart.  Also, it is important to remember that your soul is always looking for expansion and growth in order to be happy and fulfilled.  Even though you may come to the realization that your life is going well you may want to consider what are the areas of expansion that you would like to explore further:  Would you like to become really good at something that you don’t think you could do?  like a 100-mile bicycle ride, or a 5K run, or a marathon?  Perhaps you would like to learn how to play the piano, paint, or sing.  Maybe you are curious about other cultures and leaning a foreign language. Perhaps you would like to own your own business. The possibilities are endless.

Several years ago, I decided that I wanted to be in the Seagull Century and ride my bicycle to Assateague Island and back to Salisbury.  I trained hard and I had a great riding partner who believed I could do it when I was doubtful. The feeling of that accomplishment was wonderful and that help me overcome old fears of things I didn’t think I could do. The older I grow the more excitement and renewal I want to bring into my life and spring is a great time to shake off the winter dust and old limitations that hold us back from living a great life.  I hope you will join me in the fun.  Happy Spring!  

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