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Spring is for Miracles

Updated: Mar 9

At one point or another in our lives we all yearn for a miracle that will quickly change a situation, heal physical or emotional pain, erase old sorrowful memories, or change other people’s behavior.  Miracles seem elusive. Most of us hear about them, but we don’t believe they will happen to us.

Marianne Williamson in her book A Return to Love shares that a miracle is a change in perception.  I love this concept; it empowers me to create my own miracles in my life versus waiting for a miracle to fall upon me.  As young children, we take in other people’s perceptions and eventually they become our own perceptions of the world around us.  We don’t have the insight to understand that how we perceive life around us impacts how we feel.  Often through pain and suffering, learning and maturity, we begin to pay attention to the collection of thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions that we have accumulated throughout the years, and we begin to give ourselves permission to change our thought patterns.  We begin to notice that when we embrace a positive and more optimistic way of thinking, our life begins to change for the better.

Spring is the perfect time to take an inventory of our physical and mental space and create a plan of what we need to keep and what needs to go.  I look forward every year to spring, and I notice people around me are also excited to welcome spring.  We associate spring with cleaning and clearing the space around us, our home, garage and outdoors.  This is also the perfect time to open our hearts and minds to change and renewal.  As we let go of the old, we feel more energized, encouraged, and uplifted.

The transition period as we do inner and outer spring cleaning and evolve into an upgraded version of ourselves can be challenging.  I like to use the analogy of a caterpillar coming into a beautiful butterfly.  The process can be slow, sometimes painful and it cannot be rushed.  However, keeping focus on the desired outcome can be helpful to endure the challenges.  Also, journaling can give clarity to the process to better understand what is it that you really want and need.

Williamson also shares in her book that “We are born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us.”  And in order to do this, we need to release the fears that hold us back from being the best version of ourselves.  Releasing fear and cultivating love is perhaps the most important task to live a meaningful life.  Realizing that this is within our power can be a miracle.  Greatness is encoded in our hearts, and the only way it can come out and shine is when we are not afraid to be the best version of ourselves.

Happy Spring! And remember that spring is a time to cultivate and nurture your best life.  Give yourself permission to nurture and cultivate miracles within you and around you.  The world needs that from each one of us.


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