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Transforming Adversity into Opportunity

Updated: Mar 9

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I love new beginnings and I hope you do as well.  New beginnings are inspiring and refreshing, filled with hope and encouragement.  A new year is filled with possibilities.  I invite you to welcome the new year with an open heart and an open mind to experience more love, joy, wellness, and abundance in your life. As we open our hearts to welcome the new year, we can begin to see the possibilities and opportunities beyond suffering and struggle.

Most things in life come to an end, nothing seems to last forever. In the Buddhist tradition we learn to not become attached to good or bad things and to accept that nothing is permanent.  This can be quite a challenge for our mind to grasp.  When we are struggling and afraid, our mind wants to convince us that the challenges and difficulties could last forever, and we feel and experience anxiety and dread.  However, misery and suffering bring, more times than not, a gift to be discovered as we walk the path of healing.

As I get older and look back into my life, I see that every challenge and painful experience I had helped me grow and expand my level of awareness and connected me more deeply with God who resides in the open space of my heart.  The pain we all experience was not meant to shatter our hearts but to break it open for something new to come in. It is important that we receive the new year without the old stories of betrayal, pain, and suffering.  We have the choice to let it all go and truly begin anew.  We deserve to live a life filled with love, joy, and inner peace in our hearts.  Give yourself the gift of finding a different ending to your story, you are the writer, the co-creator of your life.  This is a skill we can all develop.  I revise the stories I tell myself by asking if that is what I want to manifest in my life and if the answer is no, I change the ending.  Just like an architect revises their blueprints, as the baker improve their recipes and an artist paints what their soul wants to express.  Through the thoughts that you hold for your own life you become the artist, the programmer, and the creator of your own.

Clearly this is easier said than done. The concept is easy, but it is challenging to get your mind to cooperate.  Learning a foreign language was much easier for me than training my mind and body to feel and think what I want.  Even after 20 years on this journey it’s still hard for me to not give life to my fears and worries.

“Be still and know that I am GOD” is my anchoring mantra.  When I sit in stillness and connect deeply with my heart, I am able to hear God’s message. I listen deeply with my heart. From this place of stillness, Divine guidance begins to pour in. I don’t have to fix anything; I have to just “Be still and know that I am GOD,” my horizon begins to expand with a new understanding and for a moment everything becomes easy and simple.  In that place of deep stillness, I surrender and let myself be guided and everything works out beautifully for everyone’s highest good. I stop working so hard to make things happen; I don’t have to anymore, I have surrendered.  I end the stillness with deep gratitude in my heart for the love and support I receive as I understand my role in co-creating my life.

As the new year begins, I encourage you to find your path to stillness, your role in co-creating your story, and bring more inner peace, love, joy, wellness, and abundance into your life.  You deserve the best that life has to offer.  May you be blessed with a beautiful and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


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